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Sound Design Reel

This reel contains all original projects. 

1) The first project is a promotional video I directed at my old company Checkmarx where I conceptulized, storyboarded, provided voice over and sound effects. In this edit for my reel, I also included original music but left out the VO.

2) This second project is from my video game GunDrill I worked on for several years with a programmer and artist. I was the sound designer, composer, and level designer. You can play the free demo here:

3) This project is from an upcoming game called Space Cat 9 where I provided sound effects and music. The full version will release on Steam this year. You can play the free demo here:

VO Reel

This video has 2 examples of VO I've recorded.


1) The first is a self recorded sample of one of the many hundreds of videos I did corporate voice over for my old company. I did the post processing and editing on this.

2) This second clip is an example of my experience on the "other" side of the mic, where I go to be the talent and focus on character acting for this sound replacement clip (sound designed by Oscar Coen)

Foley example:

This video is a short film I directed and my friend Ari wrote and starred in. All audio was replaced in post- recording ADR for breaths, foley, sfx, and music.

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